Promo Offer - App Download & Login Instructions

Step 1 - Download the Treats Card App

Available on both Apple App Store and Google Play, download from either of the following links:


Step 2 - How to Log In

Once downloaded log in with the following details by clicking the left hand menu and selecting ‘Sign in’ at the bottom of the menu.
Login Details
Email: Your registered email address
Password: Your first name

Step 3 - Complete your profile

Click the ‘Profile’ image on the bottom right of the app where you can upload the image for your membership card and also update your details.

Please note the following fields are all generic, and can be updated to you specifically: Gender, Nationality, Age, Emirate & Pet Details.
Optional - Password change 
Once logged in, your password can be changed by clicking the left hand menu, then 'Settings - Account Settings'.

Now it's time to start saving! 

Contact us through or WhatsApp us on 050467167 if you have any further issues or questions at all.