4 Special Staycations That Are Dog-Friendly!

dog friendly staycation
I love staycations. It’s the time where I can really relax after a busy work week. But it wouldn’t be relaxing for me if I couldn’t take my dog with me.

Luckily there are now more and more hotels and resorts that allow dogs which makes it a lot easier for me to get out of the house. And now there are also more Dogcations that offer special discounts with Treats Card. 

Treats Card is the ultimate membership for pet owners that provide up to 50% discount at pet-related businesses like pet stores, groomers, boarding facilities, restaurants and hotels!

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Below you can find more information about the staycation offers they have. 

1) Hotel Indigo – Urban Staycation

Hotel Indigo – Urban Staycation

Never have I seen a hotel in Dubai like Hotel Indigo. The moment you arrive, you are welcomed by vibrant colours, culture, different designs and all with a very relaxing vibe. This boutique hotel can be found at the doorstep of Dubai Downtown and has a lot of amazing details that make it very special. And now they offer a 20% discount to Treats Card members!

During my visit, I was told that every floor has been designed by a different local artist. The rooms have so many details, different kinds of furniture and art and it all works together in a great atmosphere. 

Not only are the rooms dog friendly, but your dog is also even allowed at the pool terrace. So while you enjoy yourself by the pool, your pooch is there with you by your side. 

The Hotel also has two dog-friendly f&b outlets. Their Open Sesame restaurant has a contemporary menu and really is a space where you can relax and enjoy your food and drinks while listening to the sound of music and their amazing waterfall. Later in the night, it’s time to go back to the pool terrace and enjoy some shisha, bites and drinks at the Orange Feels Bar.

Both f&b outlets offer also a 20% discount to Treats Card members.

2) Barracuda Beach Resort – Beach Staycation

Barracuda Beach Resort – Beach Staycation

This resort can be found on the edge of the Umm Al Quwain Lagoon and is the perfect spot to relax and recharge. Their Waterfront Villas have been completely upgraded a few years ago and are completely dog friendly. Take the dog leash off and let your dog(s) run and play in your own little garden overlooking the water. 

The resort has a beautiful infinity pool and lots of facilities and activities as well for the kids. Getting hungry? Don’t you worry. At the resort, you can find 2 f&b outlets and one of them we can really recommend: Thunder Road Pizza & Grill. Not only do they have an outdoor dog-friendly terrace where you will feel welcome right away, but their food is also absolutely amazing! Looking for authentic Indian delicacies? Then you can visit Biryani Junction that also has a huge terrace where dogs are allowed.

Enjoying your time at Barracuda Beach Resort just became less expensive because they’re one of the newest treat card partners and they now offer a special discount of 20%. 

3) RAK Glamping – Nature Staycation

RAK Glamping – Nature Staycation

Amanda and Neil have travelled the world together and discovered Ras al Khaimah in 2014. They found a beautiful location away from the urban life where guests can recharge their batteries and get back in connection with mother earth. RAK Glamping is all about finding your inner self and being one with nature again. 

I don’t think there’s a more dog-friendly place in the UAE than this one. The Glampsite offers 9 acres of space for your dog(s) to enjoy themselves. There are two traditional Arabic Bedouin tents and a brand-new Frame Wood Cabin where guests can sleep. So this beautiful place is not at all overcrowded and you feel like you’re there alone. There’s a beautiful terrace where you can relax and where you can also find the Koi pond. 

The love for animals can be found in every single detail. Not only will you find dogs at the premises but also cats, horses and turtles. In the evening the campfire goes on and you can enjoy a BBQ under the stars. The only reason why you would need your phone is to take beautiful pictures and videos of your dog that will fully enjoy him or herself. 

Definitely, something you should have experienced at least once while living in the UAE. And now you can go glamping at a reduced price because Treats Card members receive a 15% discount.  

4) Pearl Hotel & Spa - Umm Al Quwain

Pearl Hotel & Spa

You can find Pearl Hotel & Spa in Umm Al Quwain. Surrounded by Palm Trees, it is the place to relax in the ocean breeze. Not only do they have multiple swimming pools, but they also have a soft sand beach. And most important, the hotel is dog friendly!

Dogs are not only allowed in the rooms but they're also allowed to join you on the beach. They're now on the Treats Card app and they offer 25% off their pet charges.