5 Ways to Save Money On Your Pet Bills

There’s no doubt about it, having a pet is expensive. Whether you have 1 cat or 3 dogs running around the house, being a pet owner in The UAE means that every month a big amount of our hard-earned salary goes to our lovely furchildren.

I’ve been using Treats Card from the start and it saves me a lot of money every month on my bills. And hopefully this blog will be able to give you more information on how you can save money as well!

To view all of the Treats Card offers and find out more, just click HERE to download the app and enjoy your first month free. 


1) Food 

I think the most money I spent on my pets is on food. I want my pets to get the best food available that will hopefully benefit their health. My dog is on a raw diet and my cats eat one of the most expensive kibble brands that is out there. Then on top of that, I also buy a significant amount of treats every month.

All in all, I think I spent around AED850 per month on food and treats. Now I don’t know about you, but for me, that’s a lot of money. Totally worth it, don’t get me wrong. But still, it’s quite a lot. 

There are quite a lot of (online) pet stores that offer discounts with Treats Card like:

- Pet Love with a 20% discount

- Percuro offers up to 20% off their pet food

- Furchild who offers a 15% discount on their bone broth

But there are many more. There are over 50 local businesses in this category that offer discounts to Treats Card members! So there are a lot of places you can save money with on your day to day food & supplies. 


2) Grooming

I’m lucky to have cats that don’t require a lot of grooming. Just clipping of the nails from time to time which I do myself. But my dog on the other hand requires regular grooming sessions. In the beginning I used to visit a salon but recently I started making appointments with a mobile groomer which I think is more convenient but also slightly more expensive. A full grooming package will cost me around AED250 full price for my medium sized dog.  

Treats Card offers discounts with several mobile groomers including:

- Bath & Bubbles who offers a 20% discount

- Petopia also with a 20% discount

- Boop who offers a 15% discount

The mobile grooming companies on the Treats Card app are amazing if you ask me and they already have reasonable prices to start with. But that extra discount saves me already the cost of the monthly Treats Card membership for 2 months. 

Some other groomers that offer discounts with Treats Card are:

- VIP Pets who offers a discount up to 50%

- The City Vet Clinic who offers a 30% discount

- Shampooch with a 20% discount

And many more! 

Just like the pet shops, there are many more groomers (over 50!) that offer discounts with Treats Card. 


3) Annual Vaccinations & Other Vet Bills

Every year there’s one trip to the vet that is for sure; my pets need to get their annual vaccinations. I’ve been very lucky that both of my pets are quite healthy. My dog is 16 years old and yes, she has a few issues that come with her age like cataract in her eyes and arthritis. But other than that, she’s still very active and luckily, we don’t have to visit the vet very often.

But one expense that’s always certain are the annual vaccinations. Including the consultation that already will cost you easily AED550 per pet depending on which veterinary clinic you visit. 

Treats Card currently has 18 veterinary clinics on board that offer discounts, which to be honest can already save you just as much as an annual membership with Treats Card will cost you, or even more.

Some of their veterinary clinic partners are:

- Star Veterinary Clinic who offers up to 30% off your vet bill 

- Vienna Veterinary Clinic with a 25% discount

- Dogventurez Veterinary Clinic who offers up to 20% off your vet bill

All in all, you can see that Treats Card can save you a lot of money here. 


4) Boarding/Pet Sitting 

Everyone, including myself, loves to travel. That means that my pets need to go to one of the amazing boarding facilities in town or I have to get a pet sitter to watch them. Not a cheap exercise if you go on vacation for a few weeks and have 3 pets. 

That means that I need to spend a few thousand Dirhams to make sure my pets were well looked after. 

Some of the boarding facilities that offer amazing discounts to Treats Card members are:

- Paws & Whiskers who have a 30% discount

- Spot offers a discount up to 30% off

- Pawz offers a 20% discount

If you rather have a pet sitter taking care of your pet(s), you can also contact:

- Heidi’s Pets with a 20% discount

- Pawland who offers a 15% discount

- PetTimoo who offers a 10% discount 

Have a look here at our blog that includes all boarding facilities and pet sitters.


5) Dog Friendly Restaurants & Hotels

I’m pretty sure this doesn’t fall under necessary pet bills, however, as most people know I like to go out with my dog. Whether it’s for a coffee, breakfast/lunch or a nice staycation, I take her with me whenever I can. Which is also the reason why I decided to start my platform Doggie Adventures in Dubai in the first place.

You can also read more about the dog friendly restaurants and hotels who offer special discounts with Treats Card in my previous blogs. 

With over 20 different dog friendly restaurants that are already on board with Treats Card, it’s easy for me to save some money here and there. It’s very easy to spend around AED70 for a breakfast or lunch per person and over AED120 on a dinner. So, if I can save let’s say 20%, that makes a huge difference especially with a group of friends. 

Some of the places that I visit quite often are:

- Counter Culture Café who offers 25% discount

- Hotel Indigo offers a 20% discount on f&b but also on their petcation packages

- Daughter & Dad who offer a discount up to 20% 

But like I said, there are many more and it’s a great way to spend time with your dog in your free time. 


I never realized how much I actually spend on my pet bills until I started to calculate it properly. Now that I’ve been using Treats Card, I’ve been saving my receipts to see how much money I save per month and it makes a big difference. Overall, I save a few hundred Dirhams every month! 

If you want to give it a try, then all you have to do is click HERE and try the Treats Card membership for free for a whole month.