Check out the Treats Card Doggie Birthday Parties!

Are you a dog owner that loves to throw a birthday party for your dog?

Then we have great news for you. Because Treats Card has launched special Doggie Birthday Pawty packages.

If not, then I hate to tell you that you might be missing out on an amazing morning or afternoon. Not only for you. But also, for your dog.

I know it might sound a bit silly but if you think about it, it really has something to it. 

Together with their partners, Treats Card has launched different packages to offer a special experience for different budgets. 

The most important question you should ask yourself is, when are you going to celebrate your dog’s birthday? If you don’t know your dog’s birthday you can also choose the day you adopted your dog.

The Location

Our Pawty Packages are located at Counter Culture Café, which is a licensed café in Dubai Marina that has a dog friendly outdoor terrace. 

The terrace is spacious so there is a lot of space for a nice set-up. They have a special breakfast and lunch package available especially for the Doggie Birthday Pawties. 

For only AED 75 p.p. you’ll get coffee, tea & a juice, a baker’s basket filled with homemade bread rolls, yoghurt & granola, a breakfast anti-pasti platter and a choice of a main course like a classic egg benedict, breakfast sandwich, avocado on toast or a neighbourhood breakfast. 

Or you can use your Treats Card and get a 25% discount when you order a la carte. 

We know you might want to invite all of your friends and their dogs but you always have to keep in mind your dog and other dog’s personalities. Are they all social and friendly to all dogs or just their best pals? Maybe your dog is more comfortable with humans. All this should be taken in consideration on who you’re going to invite. 

The Packages 

Then the fun part starts, because which of the 3 packages available are you going to choose? 

The Bronze Package

  • Includes 4 rainbow doggie cupcakes and balloons to brighten up the terrace.

The Silver Package 

  • Includes a basic set-up with various balloons, but also a banner and some letter balloons and of course a special birthday cake in the shape of dog bone.

The Gold Package 

  • A full set-up with a customized rustic backdrop and also be an amazing Donut Doggie cake and a birthday bandana for your dog! 

The Premium Package 

  • Designed for the dog owners who really want to make sure their dog’s birthday doesn’t go by unnoticed. 

  • This package includes a deluxe birthday cake that includes a personalized dog bowl and a deluxe set-up that includes various special accessories including a decorative dog house. 

  • Your dog will also receive a personalized birthday bandana and a photographer will be on site to capture this special moment. After your party you will receive 5 photo print outs as well so you can frame your memories of this special day.

Add Ons

There are also various add-ons available, including a deluxe birthday gift box for your dog and gift bags for all your dog’s pals that attended the party.

Doggie birthday parties are similar to children’s birthday parties. There’s a lot of excitement with sometimes a little bit of noise. It might get messy but overall, it’s a lot of fun with a touch of chaos. 

For more information and full pricing, you can view our Pawty Package Booking Form or contact