5 Easy DIY Halloween Costumes For Your Dog

It’s almost Halloween!

I love Halloween, I love dressing up and being the scary person for just that 1 evening a year. 

And unfortunately, I drag my dog into this as well as much as I can.

But it’s hard to find a nice Halloween costume in The UAE. And you want to stand out from the crowd when it comes to the outfit for your dog.

Luckily it’s very easy to make one yourself, so in this blog, you can find a few ideas.

Before we get out our sewing machines from the closet, make sure that your dog is comfortable with dressing up. Some dogs are fine and will wear everything you would like them to. Other dogs will feel more comfortable with just a collar or a bandana around the neck.

So before you accessorize your pet, make sure you consider their happiness at all times.

1) Bandit.

My dog’s name is Boefje, which means naughty in English.

To dress up your dog as a bandit, all you need is a black and white striped shirt, a money bag and a mask (make sure your dog is ok with that).

2) Puppy Pinata.

Get yourself a dog t-shirt, some crepe paper in many colours and a glue gun!

Glue the strips of paper to the shirt and there you go. A small sombrero will be the finishing touch to this fun and colourful outfit.

3) Martini Glass.

Is your dog wearing a cone? Use it!

Don’t let your dog feel ashamed but accessorize the cone and turn it into a martini glass.

Get a thin wooden stick, green tennis balls (or styrofoam balls) and red felt. Turn the balls into olives, stick them on the stick and onto the cone.

4) A Spider.

Super easy to make and super scary. Get yourself a chenille pipe cleaner, cut it into 8 pieces and bend each piece into spider legs.

Now all you have to do is attach them to your dog’s harness or a black t-shirt and you’re done.

5) Where is Waldo?

How great is it I people say: I found Waldo all night long? I’m sure your dog can’t get any more attention than that!

Get yourself a red and white striped dog t-shirt, black plastic glasses and a red and white striped hat.

Super cute and I’m sure that wiggling tail will not be hard to find.

Still Not Feeling the Creativity in Your Fingers?

treats card has a few partners that offer amazing Halloween accessories like bandanas.

Check out Auggies Attire, Sayankies Pawshion, 4 Pretty Paws and Charlieholic, and make sure to use your treats card to save some money!