16 Amazing Gifts for Pet Owners in the UAE This Christmas

The festive season is upon us again and this year as usual we would like to provide you all with some inspiration when it comes to gifts for your (fur) friends.

With so many amazing pet businesses in the UAE, it’s hard to know where to start looking for that very special gift so here at treats card HQ, we have decided to put together a list of amazing gifts from some of the local businesses we work with.

Read on to find out exactly what each business has to offer along with the savings available as a treats card member.

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1) Madreperla.


Madreperla offers handcrafted accessories for your pet. Designed and completely handmade in Milan, all items are suitable for both cats and dogs of both small and medium-size.

This year they have launched a special Christmas harness for your dog well as bow ties. All their pieces are beautifully packaged in a luscious box which makes it the perfect gift.

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2) Pimp My Pallet.


At Pimp My Pallet they pimp old, used and dumped Euro pallets and restore, modify and recycle them. Every piece they make is handmade and unique.

Their pallet Christmas trees are real eye-catchers this season and can be decorated with your own decorations, pictures and much more.

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3) Pretty Pups.


This year, Pretty Pups has launched a very special Christmas Gift Box which includes a collar, bow tie, matching lead and a Christmas toy. The perfect gift for every dog owner. 

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4) For The Love Of Dogs.


For The Love Of Dogs is getting your fur-babies Christmas ready with their handmade custom name necklaces.

Whether you prefer red or green, or maybe even both, your dog or cat will be the centre of attention. 

Enjoy 10% off as a treats card member.


5) Auggie’s Attire.


We all know Auggie’s Attire for their amazing cute bandanas and bow ties.

This Festive Season they’re again offering a wide range of cute bandanas but they have also launched special dog blankets. They’re made out of flannel on one side and fleece on the other side which makes this blanket super soft and comfy. 

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6) The Woof Bakery.


The Woof Bakery has launched some special treats this year.

Some of their amazing products are customized baubles with your dogs or cats name, filled with treats and of course, it wouldn’t be Christmas without some special Christmas dog cookies as well as a special Woof gingerbread house. 

Enjoy 15% off as a treats card member.


7) 4PrettyPaws.


The bandanas from 4PrettyPaws are handmade with love and 100% cotton.

The new Christmas collection is in stock and contains not only bandanas but also bow ties, antlers, Christmas stockings and even Santa Paws Hats.

Enjoy 15% off as a treats card member.


8) Howl & Growl. 


“Dear Santa, I was naughty. Sorry”. Is this something your dog would say? If so, then Howl & Growl has the perfect dog jumper.

Cause whether we like it or not we all have, I’m sure most of our dogs are a little bit naughtier than we would like to admit. 

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9) Sayankie’s Pawshion. 


At Sayankie’s Pawshion, all products are designed, crafted and packaged with love. The brand is created for modern pets and their humans. If you’re looking for a new accessory then you’ll be in for a treat.

They have expanded their Christmas collections this year with customized baubles as well as Christmas Cushions apart from the bow ties and bandanas. 

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10) Toby’s Treats.


Founded by a 13-year-old teentrepreneur, Toby’s Treats offers all-natural dog treats that are homemade. No preservatives are used and they’re also sugar and grain-free.

This festive season they have launched special Christmas treats. They are made with blueberries, coconut oil, oats and whole wheat flour in different shapes. 

Enjoy 15% off as a treats card member.


11) Silly Saluki.


At The Silly Saluki Boutique, you can find a lot of unique, handmade and personalized products. 

We’ve seen some amazing Christmas items like upcycled dog bowls, reversible tartan/fur neckties as well as stockings with your dog’s portrait on them.

Enjoy 20% off as a treats card member.


12) Pic Pac Paw.


Who doesn’t like to gift toys to their dog for Christmas?

Pic Pac Paw has launched special Christmas toys like a rope toy in Christmas colours in the shape of a bone, as well as special candy cane plush toys.

Enjoy 10% off as a treats card member.


13) One Stitch At A Time. 


One of our newest partners, One Stitch At A Time offers good quality personalized pet apparel and pet-related items.

This winter they have launched very cute bandanas for your dog with a festive design.

Get a free bandana when you buy two with your treats card membership.


14) Royal Bites.


Royal Bites is a pet treats brand where they care about your pets.

All their treats are natural and homemade and they have launched special Christmas treats this season.

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15) Charlieholic.


Charlieholic offers handmade accessories for your dogs made by the 16-year-old founder.

Especially this festive season, they have created many amazing items like their Santa Paws bandanas.

Enjoy 10% off as a treats card member. 


16) Help an Animal in Need.


Not sure what to give this Christmas? Why not help an animal in need on behalf of your friend?

Ras Al Khaimah Animal Welfare Center for example is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the lives of animals.

By donating food, necessities or a bit of your time you can help bring a smile to the face of one of the cats or dogs staying at this amazing facility.