Our referral program is live!

Refer your friends and unlock free Treats Card membership!

For each friend that you refer, you'll receive a 1-month credit towards your treats card membership and as a bonus, anyone you refer will also get their first month free!


How do I refer a friend? 

STEP 1: Your friend will need to visit our Monthly Membership page via THIS LINK and click 'JOIN NOW'.

STEP 2: On the Customer Information page, enter the code REFERRAL as the discount code.

STEP 3: On the checkout page, they will then need to enter the full name of the person who referred them in the ‘REFERRED BY’ text box.

And that’s it, we then make sure your next month's membership is on us!


So if I refer one person per month, I never have to pay for the membership again?!

Exactly! It really is that simple. 

Refer one person every single month and you can enjoy a free lifetime treats card membership.